Suji Health Care are highly committed to patient's satisfaction and understanding the needs of the patients' requirements comes naturally to us. Be it a selection of the hospital in our network, choice of doctors, treatment procedures, travel plans and co-ordination with other service providers both during the treatment and after the treatment, we accordingly offer the best possible service.


A large segment of healthcare in India is driven by doctors who excel in their chosen profession. SHC provides solutions in the field of healthcare delivery to the doctors to run their operations efficiently. The solutions offered by SHC cover the entire gamut of healthcare from individual doctors running clinics, nursing homes, secondary & tertiary care hospitals.


We nurture personalized services and smooth operations with our customers to ensure long-term relationship with them. We offer specialized treatments for various ailments with the best of medical facilities. Our cost effective and affordable personal health care recuperative packages are one of the best in the industry

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We're driven by the mission of successfully collaborating with the healthcare community towards accomplishing quality healthcare outcomes.

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Poor infra planning & execution leading to both time and cost escalation.

Poor financial structuring, resulting in limited investments in technology, equipment, brand etc.


Inability to attract, train and retain best in class people.

Poor motivation for Clinical and Non-clinical staff including doctors due to under utilization of assets & resources as also operating below best in class standards.


Inability to follow and continuously build best in class benchmarks and best practices both in the areas of clinical excellence and delivery practices.

Questionable Ethical practices and poor governance standards.

Poor capacity utilization leading to vicious cycle of low operating margins resulting in continued inability to invest in upgradation.

Inability to match Clinical outcomes & Patient experience of Large chain Hospitals.

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